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I think we have a plenty of those already.

But Dr. Bakeer also said we have to establish with our interviewees whether they can identify them in the case study, or whether they want to be anonymous.

Oh, I wouldn’t have thought of that. Ok, once we’ve got l this information, I suppose we have to analyse it.

Yes, put it all together and choose what is relevantto the problem we’re focusing on,

and analyse that carefully to find out if we can identify any trends or regularities there.

That’s the main thing at this stage, rather than concentrating on details or lots of facts.

OK, and then once we’ve analyzed that, what next?

Well, then, we need to think about what we do with the data we’ve selected to make it as clear as possible to our readers.

Things like graphs, or tables, or charts. Right.

Then, the case study itself is mostly quite standard we begin by presenting the problem and

giving some background, then go through the main sections.

But the thing that surprised to me is that in a normal reports we’d end end with, we don’t with some suggestions to deal with the problems or need we identify, but in the case studies, we end up with a question or a series of questions to our readers.

And they decide what ought to be done.

Oh, I haven’t realize that.


If there isn’t enough water in the pipes, sometime the heater goes out.

If this happenes, you’ll need to press the button to reset the heater.

Hold if in for about 5 seconds, and the heater should come on again.

Then there’s a little square indicator under the 3th knob under that’s a kind of alarm light?

It’ll flash if you need to reset the heater.

It sounds complicated...

I sure you won’t have any problems with it.

There should be some more instructions on the side of heater.

Call me back if you can’t make it work.



Is that any here?

Pillows.. yes!

If you look in the cupboard, the large white one upstairs, to the left of the bathroom door

there should be 4 or 5 on the top shelf.


Oh, the last thing I forgot to mention when we last spoke...


I’ve left a local map, so you’re able to find the way around easily.

It shows the whole area.

I put it in top drawer of the chest under the TV in your bedroom.

There is a whole file of local information in there too.

Thanks, what’s about visiting the town?

Gan you give us any advice?