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So the first thing we have to do is to find out seeds.

I think vegetable seeds would be best.

And obviously they mustn’t all be the same size.

So how many sorts do we need?

About four different ones?

I think that would be enough. There would be quite a large number of seeds for each one.

Then, for each seed, we need to find to find much it weights

and also measure its dementions, and we need to keep a careful record of all that.

That’ll be quite time-consuming.

And we also need to decide how deep we’re going to plant our seeds, right on the surface, few millimeters down, or several centimeters.

OK. So then we get planting. Do you think we can plant several seeds together in the same plant pot.

No, I think we need a different one for each seed.

Emm, right. And we’ll need to label them. We can use different color labels.

Then we wait for the seed to germinate, I recommend that about 3 weeks depending on the weather’s like.

Then we see if our plants have come up, and write down how tall they’ve grow.

Then we have to do is look at our numbers, and see there is any relation between them. That’s right...