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Good, I’m Sally, your guide for the tour of but some ~ park, I’ve heard you all wearing the most comfortable shoes and then you can keep up my pace

They used be to a lot of  factories in this area until 1960s

Creating the park requires the demolition of lots of derelict buildings on the site

so the most exciting part space all around you was originally warehouses and storehouses

If the land can be cleaned up, they want to use the side for recreation.

Residents want to open the space for outdoor activities rather than housing or even an indoor sports complex.

The tall blue and white building in front of us is call the tower, and it’s the center point for the formal gardens. It stands 12 m high so follow me up the stairs to where we could take the advantage of the fantastic views.

There’s also a car park, but it don’t hold a limited number of cars.

And around the west, You can relax and sit on a beach to smell the flowers in the rose garden, and finally up to the north, if you look in front of you now, there is a lake and small island in the center, you can hire a rowing boat at the boat shed, which you can’t see from here.

We will go now and have a look to the natural reserve section of the park, which has opened up the natural wetland to the public.

But if you look through the trees, you could see a cafe, with a lovely view across the water.

It seems that people come here to see the unusal plant life, but it’s more often use for cycling and it’s very popular with the local clubs.

This area is now most used by primary schools for biology lessons.

This area is in the shelter path , that’s why the viewing shelter is the favourite spot for bird watchers who can use it to spy through binoculars.