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Yeah, I’m sometimes do a little swimming, but usually just I’m on vacation.

But normally I go running a few times a week. Maybe 3 or 4 times.

Well, I take vitamins/'vaɪtəmɪnz/, but that’s all. I generally very healthy.

C14T2 S2

Now, if you can take a look at your plans you’ll see Branley Castle have 4 towers, jointed together by a high wall, with the river on two sides

Don’t miss seeing the Great Hall, that’s near the river in the main tower. The biggest one, which was extended and redesigned in the 18 century.

If you want get a good view of the whole castle, you can walk around the wall.

The starting point's quite near the main entrance. Walk straight down the path until you can get the south gate and it’s just there.

Don’t go out to the north gate, it’s no way up from there.(无路可走)

There’ll shortly be a show in which you can see a archers displaying their skill with bow and arrow.

The quickest way to get there it to get there is to take the first left after the main entrance And follow the path, pass the bridge(路过桥,但不跨过它), then you will see the .it in front of you at the end

If you like animals, there’s also a display of hunting birds, falcons, eagles and so on

If you go from main entrance, in the direction of the south gate, but turn right before you get there instead of going through it, you’ll see it on your right past the first tower

At 3 p.m., there is short performance of traditional dancing on the outdoor stage

That’s right of at the other side of castle from the entrance and over the bridge(跨过桥)

It's about 10 minutes’ walk or so.

And finally, the shop, it’s actually inside one of the towers, but way in is from the outside

Just take the first left after the main entrance go down the path and turn the first right.

It’s got some lovely gifts and souvenirs.